Quarry Houses, Midlothian

Returning home from an earlier brick spotting trip to Canty Bay near North Berwick, I noticed  a large amount of fly-tipping at some buildings just off the A1. The buildings are called Quarry Houses and used to be the location for a haulage company. Seeing so much rubbish littering the area seemed odd so I stopped in to investigate.


With the amount of rubbish lying about the place was obviously abandoned and I also noticed a burnt out cottage at the rear. Not sure if this is why the place was abandoned or occurred later.

At the north end of the site some spoil heaps produced a few bricks including the FORTH  and EDINBURGH shown below.



A search along the side of the buildings revealed a small pile of very old PRESTON GRANGE bricks. The first one is hand stamped which explains why the stamp is misalinged.


Another variation from  Prestongrange Brick, Tile and Fireclay Works, Prestonpans, East Lothian.



Another part of the yard produced this interesting double stamped EDINBURGH brick with a part chamfer on one corner.


Then a couple of local bricks, a NIDDRIE and an NCB NIDDRIE.



Other finds included WHITEHILL, a few variations on SBC, a MUIR ARMADALE and a number of GISCOL.


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