East Shore, South Queensferry


Following on from my brick spotting exploration of the shore within Port Edgar, I wanted to continue westwards along the shore of the Firth of Forth, at least are far as the entrance to Hopetoun House. I did not think that it would be worth looking any further as the bordering land was either estate grounds from the house, or farmland. Not until Blackness where the castle and a small village are located might it be worth investigating for bricks.


Finds were few and far between but included ETNA, DOUGAL WINCHBURGH, CALLENDAR, various SBC bricks and a well-worn WELLWOOD. All bricks common enough for this neck of the woods.





For brick collectors there was a fair population of DOUGAL WINCHBURGH bricks lying on the shore just after a small cottage on the shore, on the west side of the small bridge crossing the Linn Burn.


The only interesting brick of note was this very worn example of an LBC from the London Brick Company in Peterborough, London. I’ve found a few of these in many areas round the Firth of Forth, as well as a few inland, but never in any great numbers.


As a brick spotting location this stretch of coastline was very disappointing but you just don’t know until you have walked there and looked. You never know what might turn up.


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